Steaks and roasts suitable for broiling, pan broiling and roasting.

From Argentina under the strictest of standards using natural feeding programs
that enhance the marbling and the flavor of the meat.

From the farm to the shelves

We have a high productivity, organization and health conditions that allows us to export to the most exclusive and demanding destinations

with selective beef cuts, going directly from our plant to the distributors and to the shelves of supermarkets.

All Natural Feed program

AZUL herd

Our cattle are mainly grass and grain fed so they are bred in a natural environment that generates a healthier product.

No hormones are used at all in our cattle production. The average slaughter age of the animals and the strict process give each product an added value being recognized by our customers. 

Proudly produced by family Agosti

Superior product

We produce superior Premium products for the international market. Our raw cuts are recognized with Grade A qualification around the world due to the high quality of our products.


We guarantee traceability of all our products through quality control in all our processes, from the birth of the calf until the arrival of the final product to destination.


The company is breeding, slaughtering, marketing and distributing premium meats since 1905, serving the needs of international retail customers and distributors.

The most desirable cuts

Chuck Eye Roll

Chuck Tail Flap



Flank Steak

Short Ribs Boneless

Chuck Tender

Tail of Rump

Heart of Rump


Tenderloin sm/off

Top Blade


Topside cap off


Bolar Blade

Eye of Round

Brisket Navel End

Cap of Rump

Heel Muscle

Flap Meat

100% traceability from the farm to the fork

You can comfortably enjoy each bite of our high quality beef

About the family

20’s decade. Antonio Agusti (on the middle, scarf on the neck and hands on the pockets)
with workers from the slaughterhouse.

Family Agosti is one of the older traditionals families on the Argentine agro-industrial business. From little breeders on 1860 to exporters of the most demanding markets on 2016, their history goes back to 1905 when the brothers Antonio, Pedro and Juan Agosti built a butcher’s shop on Caseros, Buenos Aires.

‘’Mi father and their two brothers set up a butcher’s shope: two invest 50 pesos each other and the other one a horse. They used to start preparing the beef cuts at 4 o'clock in the morning; they cut with a handsaw because it didn’t exist the electric-saw. On that butcher’s shop was a stable with a capacity of 17 horses for distribution. Boys went out to the little farms, the brick kilns, ranches, with a few baskets of 70 kilos on their knees and the coarse of the mount’’’.

– Hugo Agosti (1927-2009)

Some time after opening the butcher’s shop, Antonio – on a partnership with his brother in-law, Juan Capurro-, built-up a new entreprise called ‘’Capurro & Agosti’’ for buying Beef livestock. On this way, they integrated the slaughtering work, distribution and sales.

After the early death of Antonio, his wife Adelaida and his son’s Gildo and Hugo (21 and 16 years old, respectively) continue with the slaugther and distribution.

1913. Inside the Agosti butcher shop, located on Andrés Ferreyra and Urquiza, Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Pedro and Antonio Agosti (on the middle, with moustache and hat) with customers.

As the activity continues growing, Agosti brothers proposed themselves the construction of a slaughterhouse that opens on July 10, 1957, just 35 km from the port of Buenos Aires.

With the purchase of new fields in Salto Argentino, Inés Indart, Colonel Isleños and Pilar, as well as the creation of the auction fair "Salto livestock fair" or the breeding of exhibition animals, Agosti brothers had a stronger integration on the meat sector.

Adapting and overcoming the various challenges that the Argentine economy in general, and the meat industry in particular presented over the years, in 1982 Hugo left the management of the company on the hands of their children that, in the Decade of the 90, decide to expand their horizons with the acquisition of new fields on the Pampa húmeda for the breeding, fattening and termination of the livestock.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Antonio Agosti decide to dump their experience from the cattle on other meat products expanding their offer in various meats business such as Wild Hare meat and Added-value products such as Cooked Beef meat and Cooked Poultry meat, exporting since several years these products to the most demanding markets.

The Agosti family relies on having a long term relationship with customers they must earn the trust and respect day by day from the final consumers, and this is accomplished only by making higher quality products that are obtained focusing completely on the animals welfare during their life and their sacrifice.

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